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Our AlpacaNations Web page
Our Ideal Alpaca Web page
George & Joanne Brush - Geneseo, IL (309) 441-6733

Alpacas of New Sundborn
Loran Nordgren - Westby, WI (608) 634-2335

Alpacas at Tucker Creek
Alpacas at Tucker Creek Blog
Peggy & David Stevens - Astoria, OR (503) 325-5725

Lazy G Alpaca Ranch
Gary and Sue LeMaitre - Fremont, OH (419) 334-3085

Heartland "Criations" Alpacas
Kathy & Steve Albert - Rio, IL (309) 483-3534

Illinois Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association
Alpacas & Alpaca Farms

The Alpaca Registry
Database of Alpaca genealogy, blood typing/DNA and ownership records for North America

Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association (800) 213-9522

Alpaca Lifestyle
Some additional Alpaca websites as well